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Memphis’s Largest Virtual Tip Jar 💰

Send money directly to employees at your favorite restaurant, salon, and more!

Fill out this form to be added to the tip jar. Anyone who relies on tips is welcome to sign up (hair stylists welcome!) 💇

Another Great Virtual Tip Jar 💰

If you don’t see your favorite service worker above, they may be on this one. Both tip jars were created within an hour of each other and have hundreds of service industry workers (Memphians really love to help!)

Help a Random Service Industry Worker 🎲

Need help picking who to help? Every time you visit this website, a random service industry worker is displayed with a link to their venmo.

Click here for programs for small businesses in the new stimulus bill, as told by a member of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee. More explanations/summaries coming soon.

Central BBQ Meals for Displaced Workers

From March 24 through April 5, Central BBQ’s Poplar, Summer, and Central locations will offer:

  • Family pork pack: $14 for 6 pack of pork, slaw, sauce, quart of baked beans, and a quart of greens
  • Family chicken pack: $19 for a 6 pack of chicken, slaw, sauce, quart of baked beans, and a quart of greens.

To participate, call one of the eligible locations to place your order.

Upon pick-up, you will need to present a separation letter from your employer or your unemployment letter and your ID. Limit one order per guest, per day. Curbside only (not available for delivery).

source: Jennifer Biggs, Daily Memphian

Memphis Food Industry Emergency Worker Assistance 💸

A gofundme by Edible Memphis. Complete the confidential survery, which will be used to prioritize those most at risk and in need. They plan to start with $250 to $500 disbursements, which will be continually reevaluated, pending availability and circumstances.

USBG National Charity Foundation

The US Bartenders Guild has created a COVID-19 Relief Fund to help indivduals employed in serving beverages or production, promotion, or distribution of alcoholic beverages. You must have worked this job for at least the past year. Apply here, or donate here.

File for Funemployment 📄

Click above to go to the Tennessee Department of Labor’s website, click Unemployment Benefits, then File a Claim to see if you are eligible for unemployment benefits. You are able to file immediately after you lose your job. You have to check in online every Sunday.

Or, file for unemployment in Mississippi or Arkansas.

To see closings and restaurant-related executive orders, click here.

Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

The U.S. Small Business Association has created a page for small businesses affected by COVID-19. There are links to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, guidance for running a business during the outbreak, and more.

How to File a Mass Layoff 🚣

Employers have two ways to speed up the funemployment process for employees. If you do not file one of the two options, you have to respond to each individual claim, delaying the benefit payment process.

  1. If your business has already closed and you are not in contact with your employees, fill out this mass layoff form. Columns A through N must be filled in, and don’t use any punctuation. Send the .xlsx file as an attachment to

  2. If your business has not yet closed and you believe you will reopen, fill out the Employer-Filed Mass Claim form. If you’re not sure when you’ll reopen, enter 16 weeks from now. Tell employees not to file individual claims. They will still have to check in every Sunday to keep receiving benefits. Send the .xlsx file as an attachment to

Tell your employees to expect an email to register at They will have to check in every week to tell the state that they’re still not working.