Price Gouging

What is price gouging?

In emergencies, some supplies that are normally cheap become very valuable (like toilet paper). Price gouging is when the price of a good is unnecessarily raised during a emergency to take advantage of increased demand. Price gouging is illegal in Tennessee.

How do I report price gouging?

Go to the TN Department of Commerce & Insurance’s CORE website. Click File a Complaint in the upper right hand corner. You can either create an account, or continue as a guest.

On the Type of Complaint page, open the Board dropdown and select Consumer Affairs. Open the License Type dropdown and select Consumer Affairs Complaints.

On the next page enter the required information about the business that was price gouging. The next page requires you to enter information about yourself.

On the Complaint Details page, open the Category dropdown and select Price Gouging. Complete the remainder of the forms, then submit the report.

Tell the Mayor

Click the link above to be directed to a form to contact the Mayor’s office.