Data 📈

COVID-19 Global Cases 🌎

Created by Johns Hopkins University, this website collects data from the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and other official sources. There is a global map, list of total confirmed cases, total deaths, and total recovered. Click on US in the Confirmed Cases sidebar to see the data broken down by state.

Detailed Global Data 🗺️

Managed by Oxford University, this page has the most comprehensive global data on the coronavirus.

US State Testing Data 🇺🇸

The COVID Tracking Project collects data from each State’s best official data source (Usually the State’s Department of Health). This site shows data on positive and negative tests, pending tests, and the deaths in each state.

Tennessee Testing Data 🎸

The Tennessee Department of Health updates Tennessee testing data every day at 2PM. The website also includes the number of cases in each county and the age range of confirmed cases. There is detailed info on tests conducted by public health labs, but the site only provides the number of positive cases from private labs.

(Why does this matter? The number of positive cases compared to the number of tests completed gives us a better idea of how much the virus has spread. For example, if a lot of tests were conducted and only a few were positive, the virus likely hasn’t spread much. If only a few tests were conducted and most were positive, then there are probably a lot of cases we don’t know about.)

Shelby County Confirmed Cases 🏥

The Shelby County Department of Health (SCDH) posts the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Shelby County. This number has been updated daily on their website, and on their twitter. The website also has links for health care providers, individuals, the community, businesses, and schools. There is also a number for the SCDH COVID-19 Call Center, 833-943-1658, available 8AM-4:30PM daily.